A virtual reality experience inspired by real events.
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Trapped in an active war-zone, two parents struggle to distract their young daughter by inventing a fantastical tale. Inspired by real events, this immersive virtual-reality experience transports the viewer into the family's makeshift basement shelter. The parents' fairytale intensifies as bomb-blasts draw closer and closer...


Want to bring Giant to your festival? Curious for New Reality co-founders Milica Zec and Winslow Porter to speak at a lecture or panel? Email us at info@newreality.co
Milica Zec (Director, Co-Creator) is a NYC-based virtual reality and film director. Raised in war-torn Serbia, Milica’s work is deeply rooted in issues of conflict, identity and the human struggle. In addition to her own creative and client work, Milica has parlayed her artistic experience into a 9-year collaboration with performance artist Marina Abramovic. Highlights of her directorial work include the short film, “Christina” (Cannes Film Festival 2012) and “Marina Abramovic Presents MACCOC” (Venice Biennale 2011). Milica’s work has appeared in The New York Times, MSNBC, Art Forum, The Huffington Post and many other media outlets. milicazec.com
Winslow Turner Porter III (Producer, Co-Creator) is a Brooklyn based director, creative technologist and producer who has always been fascinated with the possibilities of how the intersection of art and technology can elevate storytelling. With over five years of experiential and digital agency experience, he has created experiences for TED, Google, Delta, Diesel and Merrell as well as worked with the who’s who of creative coders, having produced Tribeca Film Festival Transmedia award-winning virtual reality documentary CLOUDS among other internationally acclaimed projects. carbonpictures.com


Jordana Rose (Rose), a born New Yorker, is in the 3rd grade. She has appeared in a com­mer­cial for Nickelodeon / Walmart, a music video, and in print campaigns.
Clem McIntosh (Josh) is a Canadian born, New York based actor and producer. Notable TV credits include Boardwalk Empire, the Blacklist, Person of Interest, the Lottery, Blindspot, In Between Men and Understudies. Film credits: Love on the Run and the recently wrapped feature comedy, Ghost Team with Jon Heder, of which he is also a producer.
Zoë Winters' (Clara) NY theatre includes: 4000 Miles and Shows For Days (Lincoln Center), Much Ado About Nothing (The Public), An Octoroon (Soho Rep), Love And Information (NYTW), Hater (Ohio Theatre), Love Song (59E59). TV/Film: Elementary, Law & Order, Gossip Girl, Army Wives, Ugly Betty, Gray Dog, In The Family and Under.


Lizzie Donahue (Scriptwriter) has been weaving tales since before she could talk. She's been involved in the narrative process as an actor, playwright and filmmaker. For the past 20 years she's worked professionally as an editor for TV and film.
Jess Engel (Co-Producer) is a producer and content creator at Virtualize, a boutique virtual reality content studio, committed to creating world-class cinematic VR. Previously, she was the Creative Executive at Electric City Entertainment in Los Angeles working on critically acclaimed films such as Derek Cianfrance’s THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES and Tim Burton’s BIG EYES.
David Mullett (Co-Producer) is a director of breakthrough moving image and virtual reality content and founder of VR agency Virtualize.

Juan Salvo (Finishing Artist/Depth Pipeline Designer) is a colorist, post-super and technical director whose work has been seen on movie and television screens, in web browsers and on mobile devices worldwide. He regularly collaborates with a diverse clientele - acclaimed music video directors, world-renowned artists, advertising creatives, filmmakers and documentarians - to enhance and finish their projects.
Jack Caron (Lead Technical Artist) is a Brooklyn based creative problem solver focused on game engine driven virtual reality. Having worked on several experiential projects such as the Interstellar VR experience and Samsung's Avengers VR experience, he comes with a foundation built on experience and ingenuity.
Todd Bryant (Director of Creative Technology) is a video artist and interactive installation engineer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is a faculty researcher at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch School for the Arts and teaches performance art via motion capture technology at the Tandon School of Engineering at NYU.

Omer Shapira (Virtual Reality Technical Director) is an Artist and Software Developer. Omer has led research and development of pioneering Virtual Reality projects at Framestore, the NYU Media Research Lab, and Fake Love - where he is Head of Virtual Reality. He has made contributions in Virtual Reality Capture Technologies, Haptic Devices, Mixed Reality Experiences, Interaction Design Methodologies and Spatial Design.
From just north of hell in Phoenix, Arizona, Alex Corn (Director of Photography) moved to New York eleven years ago to pursue filmmaking, and has been adjusting to the winters ever since. He currently shoots and produces projects from a quiet corner in midtown, emerging every so often to check if his shadow is still there.
Uroš Otašević is a visual effects artist who worked on a number of acclaimed high budget feature films such as Darren Aronofsky’s Noah and latest Coen brothers movie Hail, Caesar!

Aleksandar Protić (Sound Designer) is a sound artist, designer and producer from Belgrade, Serbia. For the past 12 years he has been the lead Sound Designer on over 40 feature films and 3,000 television commercials, and frequently collaborates with renowned filmmaker Emir Kusturica, a two-time Cannes award-winning director from Serbia.
Scott Martin Gershin (Additional Sound Designer / Mixer) has been telling stories with sound for the past 30 years on such films as Born on the Fourth of July, American Beauty, Shrek & Pacific Rim. That combined with designing & mixing for interactive entertainment, VR seems to be a perfect fit for him. Scott recently joined Technicolor as Director of Audio where he is heading up the sound editorial dept for Film, VR, & Games.
Mike Woods (Mentor) founded both the Digital Department and VR Studio at Framestore. In June 2015, he cofounded a new virtual reality company called White Rabbit. Mike has become a pioneer of VR, directing the groundbreaking HBO Game of Thrones Oculus Rift exhibit, launch apps for Samsung Gear VR, the Teleporter for Marriott Hotels, a virtual tour of the Endurance spaceship from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and two groundbreaking Marvel experiences, among others.



For speaking engagement inquiries, please email info@newreality.co
IFP VR Panel
March 2, 2016
NYU ITP Directing in VR
March 4, 2016
March 5, 2016
Visions du Reel
April 17, 2016
Tech Week
May 4, 2016
Seattle Film Festival
June 3, 2016
High Court VR/AR panel
July 14 2016
July 27, 2016
Supermeet Amsterdam
September 11, 2016
SVA New York
September 14, 2016
BOSCPUG, Emerson College
September 27, 2016
MIT Media Lab
September 29, 2016
Busan International Film Festival
October 10-11, 2016
VR On The Lot panel
October 13-14, 2016
Napa Valley Film Festival
November 10-11, 2016
The VR Generation
February 5, 2017
February 26-27, 2017
Singularity University
June 23, 2017
ACM Siggraph
August 1st, 2017

Milica Zec (Director, Co-Creator) Winslow Turner Porter III (Producer, Co-Creator) Lizzie Donahue (Scriptwriter) Jess Engel (Co-Producer) David Mullett (Co-Producer) Juan Salvo (Technical Producer)
Jordana Rose (Rose) Zoë Winters (Clara) Clem McIntosh (Josh)
Jack Caron (Lead Technical Artist) Todd Bryant (Director of Creative Technology) Juan Salvo (Finishing Artist/Depth Pipeline Designer) Omer Shapira (VR Technical Director) Aleksandar Protić (Sound Designer) Alex Corn (Director of Photography) Jacob Quesenberry (Camera Assistant) James Orlando (Additional Camera) Ian Voglesong (Assistant Director) Louis Zwiebel (Communications Advisor) Milica Zec,
Winslow Turner Porter III
and Lizzie Donahue (Editors) Jessica Kelly (Casting Director) Mary Egan-Callahan (Casting Director) Uroš Perišić (End Credits) Uroš Otašević (VR VFX) James George (DepthKit Technician) Elise Porter (Logo Designer) Julian LaPlace (Web Designer) Todd Bryant (Installation Engineer) Corey Poindexter (Sound Mixer) Nikola Janković (Sound Editor) Nicholas Ter Meer (Scenic Designer) Kathryn Price (Makeup Artist) Tennille Yamashita (Costume Designer) Taylor James (Assistant to Costume Designer) Mike Woods (Mentor) Phil Felice (Production Assistant) Daanish Masood (UN / Be Another Lab)
Scott Martin Gershin (Sound Design Supervision & Mix) Adam Boyd (Sound Editing) David Jobe (Foley Mixer) Alicia Stevenson, Dawn Lunsford (Foley Artists) Viktor Phoenix (Sound Integration) Jesse Garcia (1st Assistant) Technicolor Sound Services (Hollywood)

Axel Ericson (Creative Director)

Dejan Despotovic (Costume Designer) Dragana Dosen (Costume Designer) Philip Weinrobe (Sound Mixer) Rodrigo Bellot (Casting Director) Elliot Coakley (After Effects Artist)

Julia Kaganskiy Nitzan Bartov Ron Yoshida Petar Zec Jelena Zec Turner & Susie Porter Sue Ngo Freddie Serrano John Cocco Doug Koh Maneesh K Goyal David Garlick Lauren Austin Daanish Masood Melissa Meditz Sheiva Rezvani Alexandra Darby Kaitlyn Ellison GRS Systems Jessica Weiner Vlad Nikolic Mikayla Desroches Carolina Ravassa Evan True David Kaplan Marjon Javadi Margo Rosenberg Brad Rosenberg Amanda Zhang Lisa Jamhoury David Lobser Hannah Mishin Adam Harvey

In memory of Jadranka Zec